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At Erb and Erb Financial Services, we believe that no two clients have the same goals, dreams, and priorities. As such, there is no such thing as a predetermined portfolio simply based on someone's risk level when we make our recommendations. How many years until retirement, how many years does the income need to last, what are the short term goals for the funds invested, what other savings do you have, what level of risk are you comfortable with and will that change over time, how many children will you want to help through school...these and many other questions are all relevant in choosing a portfolio of investments that is right for you.

Whether looking for access to various markets around the globe, guaranteed investments from multiple financial institutions, insurance backed products that could be part of an effective estate plan, or other products, we provide "client first" recommendations with no ties to any one provider. This allows us to offer unbiased advice as to what product(s) are right for you and your goals.

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As with all products and services we offer, discussion around the right investment product for you starts with a discussion around your goals and plans. Without a solid understanding of your timeframe, previous investing experience, eventual use of the proceeds from the investment, tolerance for risk, and the amounts you are wanting to put to work, we cannot effectively determine what is right for you. 

At Erb and Erb Financial Services, we believe in focusing on what results are needed to reach your goals and not just attempting to gain the highest possible returns at all costs. Ignoring the potential for loss if the markets do not generate the returns we expect at the outset is a mistake that many make when the markets are doing well, just as panicking when they are down and selling is also a mistake in the long run. Investor sentiment is a priority for us and thats why we prefer to hold portfolio reviews with our clients on a pre determined basis in order to address any concerns and make any changes that we deem necessary at that time.

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