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Financial Planning

At Erb and Erb Financial, we believe that sound financial advice starts with a strong financial plan.  So, what is a Financial Plan...

A financial plan is different for everyone. Some clients require a highly in depth documented plan that address retirement, risk management (insurance), estate, savings, and other focal points in one document that details how each goal affects another and how best to achieve those goals based on available resources and capabilities. For others with more immediate or singular goals, a plan may be as simple as a calculator that address one specific need. In all cases, recommendations from Erb and Erb start with an in depth conversation to find out what is important to you and your plans for the future.

With two Certified Financial Planners (CFP) on staff, Erb & Erb is there to provide the advice you need.


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A proper financial plan is key to a client's success in reaching their financial goals. A recent study by FP Canada found that 59% of those that work with a financial planner are hopeful about their financial future, while only 46% of those who do not work with a financial planner feel the same way. The problem is that less than 30% of Canadians have a documented financial plan. 

Financial Planning speaks to ones ability to retire comfortably, save for their goals, protect themselves against income loss through disability insurance and protect their family from financial difficulty should that family's main provider pass away, among other goals. Their are many other reasons to work with a Financial Planner on your plan, however.

As an example, in the fall of 2022, Stats Canada found that over 35% of Canadians reported that they found it difficult to meet their family's needs over the previous 12 months. One in four Canadians admitted they would not be able to cover an unexpected expense $500. If they had a plan to save just a few dollars each pay, they would be able to build up an emergency fund. This is the type of additional detail a financial plan can address beyond the major goals.

At Erb and Erb Financial, we can work with a client to find a planning solution that works for them based on their goals, means, lifestage, and desire to put some elbow grease themselves into collecting documents, preparing a budget, and meeting with their advisor at least twice during this process.

While most of our Financial Planning clients are also investment clients, we can also work with the general public on a Fee for Service basis, meaning we will provide the same level of planning as we do for our clients to a non client. Call us to discuss a consultation and take the next step on your financial journey.


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